TBS Powercube Spare - PDB
TBS Powercube Spare - PDB

TBS Powercube Spare - PDB

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The Team from Blacksheep have designed their Powercube for Drones / Multirotors. This is a spare Power Distribution Board designed specifically to work with their Powercube system.

The PDB comes with a power lead with XT60 and provides regulated and filtered DC power output on 5V and 12V.

• 36x36mm standard size (30.5mm standard raster)
• Output voltage of 5V and 12V

Power for Cam and VTx: 5V/12V
Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm
Weight: 24.3g (includes power cable with XT60)

1 x TBS Powercube Spare - PDB
4 x Brass standoffs
1 x Plastic base plate/bay with mounting adhesive